Head of the Rio 2016™ Procurement Area takes part in the 13th Purchasing and Supply Chain Congress

Fernando Cotrim presented to the market the planning of the Rio 2016™ Organising Committee Supply Chain, aligned with the market’s best practices

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Fernando Cotrim, Head of the Procurement Area, at the Congress (Photo: Photo: IIR)

The new role of the Supply Chain area in companies and the alignment of the Rio 2016™ Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games was the theme of the presentation of Fernando Cotrim, Head of the Procurement Area, at the 13th Purchasing and Supply Chain Congress from the Institute for International Research held in São Paulo on 7-9 February.

The event gathered managers of the Supply Chainareas of big national and international companies and addressed the sector’s trends with presentations of successful cases.

“It was an excellent opportunity for Rio 2016™ to show the market we are aligned with the best supply practices,  as well as to show our commitment to transparency, high quality and above all the sustainability of the supply chain of the Games”, Cotrim said.

With the talk “The New Role of the Procurement Area – from Operations to Strategy”, the Head of the Procurement Area demonstrated how the Purchasing and Supply department can increase the value proposition so as to contribute even more to the result of organisations, drifting from a merely operational area into an area that is linked to the company’s strategic development.

The Procurement Area plays a key role in the staging of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. It is responsible for all of the chain management: purchasing, transport, storage and end-use. It will be responsible for the negotiations of approximately 50% of total planned expenditure. It is directly linked to actions which aim to reduce costs in connection with expenses with suppliers and optimisation of processes with partners.

The area is responsible for the continuous assessment of market dynamics as to products and services, which is essential for the selection of the most competitive suppliers in terms of costs, service level, sustainability and low risk. 

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